What’s is more importante that your soul?

Have you ever tried to look beyond life?
See what really matters …
Have you ever caught yourself, and lie in the forest, the silence … just you. Spend hours thinking about nothing. Only admiring what the world offers you that in most cases do not realize it.
The world gives us so many perfect things, and instead of we enjoy, we only destroy.
The most precious thing we have is our soul. Each one has his power, his magic. Few people use it, or aloof me to say, few people know that has one. It’s a shame.
I have one. Very special. I do not think with my head or my heart but with my soul. I feel completed inside when I do it. I feel unique.
I see beyond my nose. Beyond life. Try to erase everything is around you. People, houses,cars, human life. Try to focus you on what the world was before we destroy it. You see how beautiful it is? I see …
I am a strange girl in a strange world.


7 a.m. dusty road

I’m gonna drive until it burns my bones

Crossing a dream with my old lost care
Its smell brings the dead memories back

Crossing a dream. 

We didn’t need a story, we didn’t need a real world

We just had to keep walking

And we became the stories, we became the places

We were the lights, the desertes, the faraway worlds

We were you before you even existed